Charlotte has been painting and teaching transparent watercolor for over 31 years.  I am a watercolor purist and do not do mixed media.

As stated above I have been teaching watercolor for over 31 years and love inspiring my students to pursue this medium.  I take them quickly to advanced work by limiting my classes to 8 students.  I teach in Fort Worth, TX, at the Hobby Lobby on S. Hulen St. 

Everyone starts as a beginner (a "Newbie" only one time) in a class of varying levels of students.  It's fun to see how encouraging everyone is to each other, no matter how long you have been taking my classes.  You work on your own timetable and speed as I demo multiple times to each student.

I have an Ladies Only Class on Wed mornings 9:30-12:30pm and Sat morning class 3 times each month for anyone ages 12-up from 10:00-1:00pm.  All supplies are included except paper for only $40 per 3-hour session.  The paper is inexpensive for 12 sheets of 11"x15".

Contact me about lessons and a current Monthly Schedule at watercolorteacher@mail.comYou will receive more info with the requested Schedule.  You can see my paintings at 

Having taught for over 31 years, I know how to take you to advanced work quickly.  You start by learning to paint from looking at a painting of watercolor you like, as I demo to you in class multiple times.

My goal is for you to be able to do original work from a photo eventually, if  that is what you would like to be able to do.  I can certainly teach you how.  I can also teach any style of watercolor and teach you any subject.

I tell my students often that painting is a skill you can learn.  You do not have to have talent to become a good artist in my class.

Contact me about lessons and a current Monthly Schedule at

Check out for my original work.  I can make prints for you, too, by clicking on "Prints" at the top of my website.  I will have cards available in the near future with the link on, as well.

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